Monday, 27 March 2017

Colour Yellow

Colour Yellow
Taste: I am butter, banana and a fruit that a monkey loves. I am the light that shines in your eyes like the sun that burns you to black dust. I was dark but yellow changed my colour forever.

Sunday, 5 March 2017


Tena koutou
Ko Pinatubo te maunga 
Ko Marikina te awa
Ko Waimairi te kura 
Ko Ngāti Filipino te iwi 
Ko Lito taku papa
Ko Rowena taku mama 
No Manila ahau 
Ko Niko taku ingoa 
Tena Koutou,Tena Koutou,Tena Koutou katoa.


Never give up
Ice cream lover
Kitchen cleaner
Overreacting kid

Awesome kid
Good at Games that I like 
Unique at soccer 
Addicted to iPad games and likes soccer
Never have I been in a train
Try hard at basketball 
Apple is my favourite fruit 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Discovery Time Reflection WK 6 TM 3

DT Reflection WK 6 TM 3
Today at DT  I did an obstacle course with Hamish,Jayden,Sanjive,Sairusi,Mason,Liam,Oliver S,Riley and John.

A struggle for me was climbing because I couldn’t do it and I’m not that good at climbing.

A success/highlight for me was dodging the rugby balls on the slide.
I would like to improve climbing because I'm not that good at climbing.

Our/my set up and pack up was Sairusi and I carried the cones and Hamish carried the  mat.

A person who stood out for me was Liam because he got 3 minutes and 12 seconds.

Something new I learnt was jumping because I jumped really far.

Overall I think I did pretty good in the obstacle course.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Speech Writing

How Coming To A New Country Feels Like
How do you feel by coming to a new country?
Everyone should be excited by going to a new country.
It was unbelievable for me.When I arrived at the airport it was exciting, even though I only knew a few english words. It was clean,quiet and beautiful.It was very different for me.Everything everywhere everyone was new for me. I met my neighbor Jordan he was kind and he taught me how to play soccer.He is my friend and he wanted me to go to Waimairi School. When I was in my room I was feeling shy and lonely because I had no friends in the classroom but I found out that there’s 3 Filipinos in the classroom and suddenly I felt happy because I met all the Filipinos in the classroom. I was happy because the teachers were kind to me and there’s a lot of fun in the classroom.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Minecraft Story Part 1 Steve and Entity_303 vs Herobrine

Minecraft Story Part 1 Steve and Entity_303 vs Herobrine

In minecraft Steve was walking around mining some iron ores and gold ores. 
But he is so sad because he cannot find any diamonds in that cave. And he goes to another place and he found a massive cave with lava and lots of lots of mobs.. When he was fighting there was so many mobs .And when he's done fighting the mobs, he 

found 5 diamonds and he mined all of diamonds and he realised someone was following 
him and .When Steve was running straight there were zombies eating pigs when 
the zombies heard the running they were chasing the man who is following Steve 

and when Steve was running he slipped over the rock. He was dizzy and the man 
who was chasing him was helping him the man said come on run! But what’s your name then? My name is Entity_ 303 and then 
Entity_303 left a note it said watch out herobrine is coming. Steve has gone back to his house and Entity 303 was there Steve said why are you here and how do you know this is my house Entity_303 said I will give you 5 stacks of 64 diamonds.
 Steve said yes i do! And 
then Entity_303 gave 5 stacks of diamonds Steve said I'm gonna make a full 

enchanted diamond armour with a enchanted diamond sword it has sharpness V 
Fire Aspect II and Unbreaking 3 and my enchanted bow has Power V Infinity I Flame
 III and Unbreaking III I’m ready to fight some mobs! Ok said Entity_303. but Entity

303 said I will enchant your sword and Steve said I already have an enchanted sword Entity_303 said ok I will enchant my own sword and then Steve and Entity_303 they were stacked up and they were ready to find the sand well! Steve said ok

were exploring around and they found a sand well and Steve said is this herobrine’s lair and Entity_303 said yes this is his herobrine's lair. Steve and Entity_303 dived inside the sand well Steve said it's so dark I can't see properly Entity_303 give him a potion of night vision with 8 minutes Entity_303 said there's traps don't mine the diamonds and don't step on the pressure plate if you step on it will shoot flame arrows Steve said ok I will won't step on the pressure plates and I won't mine the diamonds.

Entity_303 said ok let's keep going we need to find herobrine. 

Follow me I know where to go said Entity_303 when they finding herobrine Steve said this is like a maze Entity_303 said I see a light it's must be there he said Steve and Entity_303 is following the light and they opened the door and they found 

herobrine's underground lair .Herobrine said well well well there you are Entity_303 and who is that, Entity_303 said he’s name is Steve 
and we are here to fight you and get revenge for killing my brother herobrine said guards after him Entity_303 and Steve 

were fighting the guards and the guards were powerful but Entity_303 can only kill the guards. 
herobrine said impossible no one can defeat my guards because they are impossible to kill because they have regeneration ll and they got strength ll and Resistance II and fire resistance 2 and speed lll. 

this fight will start now! said herobrine aaaaaaaa!! Entity_303 give Steve a enchanted golden apple ,Entity_303 and Steve where healing and then somebody came and it's null. Null is in herobrine's team ,null stole Entity_303’s thunder sword . 

herobrine and null are teaming up,,oh no said Entity_303 null stole my thunder 
sword and Entity_303 realised that someone came Steve said Notch!? the owner of
Herobrine said noooooooooo!! Notch why are you here said Herobrine I am here to get revenge for Entity_303’s Brother! 

And then they hear a ringing sound and herobrine said wait my mother's calling me in the phone they hear that herobrine's mother said this is your diapers and you barbie doll and herobrine is so embarrassed 

and notch punched herobrine in the face and the referee of the boxing said 1 2 3 4 5 6 and then herobrine got up he was so dizzy 
and can't see ,Steve locked null in a invisible bedrock

and put him in the prison, and notch,Entity_303 and Steve have a celebration and a happily day on minecraft the end

 If you like it put your name here Jawn Sena, Jack Shatford, Niko Aguanta,Matthew Bernal Gabriel Montelle,Andre Liswoyo,                       

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Toast Writing

Toast Writing
1.You can get toast by using the toaster.
2.You can buy bread in the supermarkets,
3.Raspberry jam is a good flavour to put in toasts.
4.You can get honey by going to the beehive.
5.You can cut the bread in quarters by using a knife.
6.You can cut the bread by spreading them.
7.You can put the bread on the plate so it won’t be dirty.
8.If you wash the dishes it will be clean.(not dirty)

By Niko